Different Types of Residential Building Plans and Designs

Residential Building
Residential Building
Here, I am share with you different types of residential building plans and designs.  We know that different types of residential building such as:

                                                                       I.    Office Building.
                                                                       II.   Industrial Building.
                                                                       III.  Apartment Building.
                                                                       IV.  Bungalow etc.

Normally a residential building has:
  • A drawing room space.
  • A dining space.
  • Living room area
  • Sleeping rooms 
  • Kitchen area  and 
  • Conveniences area
These capacities can either be in shared rooms or spaces or have selective rooms per work. This relies upon the sort of residential building.

A residential area is utilized in which lodging prevails, instead of mechanical and business regions. The lodging may shift essentially between, and through, local locations.
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Residential building means a private building. A residential building is one that is planned and in like manner worked for occupants to live.

Here different types and most popular residential building plans and designs:

I.  Apartment Building floor plans:

apartment build floor plan
apartment building floor plan

residential building floor plan
residential building floor plan
floor plan
residential building floor plan
II. Industrial building:

These structures house modern activities for an assortment of inhabitants and are normally situated along with significant transportation courses outside of urban zones. Mechanical structures can be gathered into modern stops and are ordered into four sorts:

Industrial building
Industrial building

Industrial building floor plan
Industrial building floor plan

Substantial assembling: intensely altered structures with apparatus required by makers to work and deliver products and ventures

Flex mechanical: modern structures that can be effectively changed over and ordinarily involves a mix of both mechanical and office space

Mass stockroom: these structures are typically enormous and fill in as circulation focuses

Light get together: these business properties are not tweaked and can be effectively reconfigured. Common uses incorporate item get together, stockpiling, and office space.

III. Office Structure:

Office structure can be single-rented or multi-rented, and many are work to suit. They are regularly ordered into urban and rural properties. Urban places of business are found in significant urban communities and incorporate skyscraper properties and high rises. Rural places of business incorporate midrise structures situated outside of a downtown area.

Office Structure can likewise be characterized into:

Class A structures are viewed as the most esteemed and have cutting edge frameworks, fantastic completions, clear market nearness, and great availability.

Class B structures are considered to have reasonable completions, sufficient frameworks, however with a less alluring area.

Class C structures go after inhabitants searching for intentional space at rents underneath the normal.

IV.  Bungalow:

The bungalow is a term that discovers its source in the Bengal area in South Asia. It is a confined property encompassed by a nursery zone, delete, hireling quarters and so forth. A cabin is an image of high status. In spite of the fact that implied for single family, it might have various floors.


There is a different space for each relative and every one of the regions, for example, front rooms and so on are not all that prominently divided. Contingent on the necessity, any territory of the house can be rebuilt to fill a need. A cottage is based on a tremendous stretch of land; its sq ft territory is bigger than all other residential building clarified.

2400 Sq Ft Residential Building Plan 

4000 SQ FT Residential Building