Residential Building Plan - 2400 SQ FT

There are two units in the area of 2400 sq ft residential building plan. The name of the two units is A and B. "A" unit stays on the north side and the "B" unit stays on the south side.

First Floor Plan :

2300 sq ft first-floor plan
First-floor plan

"A" unit has one master bedroom, one common bedroom, one kitchen, one dining, and one drawing-room. Totally two bathrooms in "A" unit, one common bathroom and one attached bathroom. And three balcony in this first-floor plan, one kitchen balcony, and one-bedroom balcony and one drawing balcony. Master bathroom length 14 feet 10 inches and width 11 feet 10 inches. This is the available area for the master bedroom. Master bedroom balcony width 4 feet 2 inches and length 8 feet. And attached bathroom length  7 feet, width 4 feet 7 inches. It's standard size bathroom for a master bedroom. Common bedroom length 14 feet and width 12 feet. Its also available space for a common bedroom. It has no balcony on this floor plan. Drawing room length 15 feet 4 inches and width 12 feet 10 inches. The drawing room has a  4 feet width balcony and one cupboard space. Kitchen length 9 feet 3 inches and width 6 feet 10 inches. And the kitchen balcony width is 3.5 feet. and length of 6.5 feet. The dining area of this unit is length 14 feet and width 12 feet.

Unit "B" has also two bedrooms, one drawing room, one kitchen and one dinging. Unit "B" stays at the front side of the building plan. Master bedroom length 14 feet 7 inches. It has an attached bathroom and a balcony. Attached bathroom length 8 feet 2 inches and balcony width 3 feet 9 inches. Common bedroom length 12 feet and width 12 feet. Its square size bedroom. The common bedroom has a balcony. It's width 5 feet 7 inches and length 9 feet 10 inches. The kitchen area is the same as the unit "A".  Drawing room length 14 feet 5 inches and width 12 feet 10 inches.

Convert JPG to DWG file

View this plan in Auto-cad 2016 file here 2400 sq ft Building Plan  (.dwg file)

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