Standard Bathroom Dimension Details Drawing free Download AutoCAD file | DWG | PDF

Standard Bathroom Dimension Detail Drawing
Standard Bathroom Dimension Detail Drawing

What is the Standard Size to Make a Bathroom?

Bathroom is very important in a house. As a room that has the main function, making a bathroom requires the same ratio as making a bedroom.

Are you renovating or building a bathroom? 

To help dream up your dream bathroom, take some time to assess your needs and devise an efficient layout. With a smart strategy, it will be easier for you to get the final bathroom shape that fits your dreams.

Before deciding to make a bathroom and determining in which room the bathroom will be built, it's a good idea to know the right size to make the bathroom below.

Bathroom Dimension Detail Drawing AutoCAD file free download dwg

What items are needed for the Standard dimension bathroom?

The answers to these questions can explain how much open floor space is needed to navigate around the room.

Small bathroom layout dimensions
When putting together the perfect floor plan, don't underestimate the importance of bathroom storage. Even in a tiny bathtub you can find storage solutions that go beyond the usual dresser by adding a toilet surround, over-door shelving or a concealed medicine cabinet.

In general, the dimensions of a bathroom with a combination of bathtub / shower, toilet and sink are 1.5 m x 2.4 m. This is based on the minimum size of the room.

Toylet Dimension Detail Drawing AutoCAD file free download

Use the Three-quarter Bath Trick (no tub)

Just one sink and shower is a great idea for making a bathroom. All pipes in the wall can save labor costs, electricity, and water used.

The dimensions of a bathroom with a toilet and corner sink are usually 150 x 90 cm. If you want to add other items, you can outsmart them by storing them under the sink to save space.

Standard size of water closet :

Next is the size of the water closet, a water closet is a must have in the bathroom. So you have to understand the right size and fit so that the water closet is comfortable to wear and installed properly and correctly.

Below is the standard size of a sitting water closet, there are several sitting water closets that are larger than this. So you need to make sure again before buying a water closet.

Standard bathroom dimensions

If the bathroom is small, you should use a standard water closet size. As the example picture above is a standard closet dimension that needs to be considered is a closet width of around 400 mm. Then the room / width for the minimum required water closet is 70 cm and the water closet is installed in the middle.

With this size you can use the closet quite comfortably, so don't make the width of the room too small.

Next is the dimensions of the squat water closet, although in modern homes they rarely use squat water closets. But some people are still comfortable using the water closet model.
The minimum size for a squat water closet seat is 70 x 70 cm. This size is quite comfortable to wear, and is a minimum size.

Bathroom Window Size:

Furthermore, what needs to be considered is that the bathroom should have a window, so that there is air circulation in the bathroom.

The bathroom window is very important to maintain air quality in the bathroom. And the size needed for a bathroom window is 50-100 cm wide and 400-600 mm high.

Bathroom dimensions in cm

Standard Shower Box Size:

Furthermore, if you plan to use a shower / shower room so that the bathroom is cleaner and there is a special place for bathing.

The size of the shower box needed is:

Master bathroom dimensions
The required size of the Shower Box or shower room is around a minimum of 80 x 80 cm. If possible you can make it a little bigger so that when you bathe you are also more comfortable.

Apart from using a shower door as above, you can also add a tempered glass partition between the closet and the shower room.

Standard Bathroom dimensions in meters
Standard Bathroom Dimensions in Meters

Download this AutoCAD DWG file: Standard Bathroom Dimension Detail Drawing AutoCAD file

All dimensions shall be checked and co-related with the structural drawings and any ambiguity shall be immediately brought to the notice of the architect before commencement of the work.

All dimensions are in centemeters unliss and otherwise are finished levels. 


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