4 Storey building plans and structural design

Now I want to share with you 4 Storey building plans and structural design.  The total area of land 2700 sq ft with dimensions (length 60 feet and width 45 feet). This building totally seven-unit into the 4th floor. Per floor has two units for living two families.

Building Floor Plan :

First and Typical Floor Plan

Plan Details :

  • Floor Area 2000 sq ft with dimensions (length 50 feet and width 40 feet).
  • The ground floor has one 256 square feet parking space.
  • The ground floor divided three parts(Two unit and one parking area).
  • The First Floor Plan divided two units.
  • Every unit has one master bedroom, one common bedroom, one kitchen, one dining, one drawing, and two bathrooms(one attached and one common).
Ground Floor Plan
Ground Floor Plan

Master Bedroom Area : 12 feet 5 ins X 12 feet 0 ins.
Common Bedroom Area : 13 feet 10 ins X 10 feet 0 ins.
Drawing Room Area : 9 feet 0 ins X 12 feet 0 ins.
Dinng Room Area : 14 feet 0 ins X 9 feet 0 ins.
Kitchen Area : 6 feet 7 ins X 7 feet 6 ins.

Front Elevation
Front Elevation

Structural Designs: 

Here I can share Structural Designs in this 4 storey building.
Structural Designs
Structural Designs

Building Section

This is the vertical section A-A of floor plan.This section clear that slab thickness and floor height.  

Column Section:

Here this column section we see column reinforcement details and depth of foundation.  
Column and Footing Reinforcement details
Column and Footing Reinforcement details
Here you can see footing reinforcement details.

View in AutoCAD 2D (.dwg file):

AutoCAD file Building Section

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