Plan Your Dream House the Right Way: 7 Secrets You Need to Know

If you have been planning and dreaming of building your own house but are confused about where to start, you have arrived at the right place. Here is a well-curated list of 7 vital aspects you need to look into while you plan to build your dream house.

1. Finalize a Location that Suits Your Needs

Finalize a Location that Suits Your Needs
Selecting the right location is one of the most vital factors that account for transforming your dream abode into reality. Location is the center point on which all other factors depend for an ideal house project. A perfect location includes various things, from plot size and land laws to exposure, climate, and social life. Hence, you must be very careful when selecting the right location for your dream house. It should be the one that meets your social requirements as well as lends ample scope for building the right house design.

Though the priority of locality-specific aspects is different for each individual, there are some basic dynamics that you can consider. Firstly, check the location's safety and other social infrastructures like schools, parks, shopping markets, healthcare amenities, and community centers. Secondly, you need to ensure connectivity and commute services are available.
Make sure the neighborhood goes well with your lifestyle; for example, a noisy lane next to your dream house may create a disturbance. Ensure whether the plot of land is flat or sloped because it will impact the construction process. You can also confirm if special permits are required for building houses in the given area. A thorough check before finalizing the land will make the entire house-building process hassle-free.

2. Pick Up an Architectural Style that Goes Well With Your Taste

Architectural Style that Goes Well With Your Taste
You must have picturized an architectural style from the time you wanted to build your dream house. It is the soul and essence of the idea of having a dream abode. Maybe an architectural design of your childhood house that reeks of nostalgia or a fancy mansion you have always adored. However, suppose you want to look for varied options before deciding on the right architectural design. In that case, you can consider a few of these design ideas - modern bungalows, rustic farmhouse-styled, contemporary single-floor houses, traditionally styled houses with open patios, luxurious villas, and minimalist designs with elevation. You can also feel free to blend two or more styles to create a unique avant-garde architecture that will make heads turn.

3. Get Your Hands on a Perfect House Layout

Hands on a Perfect House Layout
The physical layout of a house takes into consideration factors like the overall plot size, location, and land sloping. The floor plan will help you plan your room type and space efficiently. You can diligently allot the floor space to different room types you wish to incorporate. Putting the floor space to maximum utility is of utmost importance if you are building a compact house. A well-established physical layout will help you visualize minute details like where to place the TV screen, how to plan the kitchenette, apt furniture placement, and more. Designing a physical layout implies having the entire house on paper before it is established in real.

4. Plan a Detailed Interior Design for Your Dream Abode

Plan a Detailed Interior Design for Your Dream Abode
Interior designs are as significant as the architectural design of your house. Though minute details of the interior designs can be planned at a later stage, you need to have an overall plan in the beginning to make your house plan look complete. Sometimes architectural style lends scope for interior designs as they go hand in hand. Hence, be careful while choosing either of them. However, you can pick up different themes for varied areas in the house, like the lively and vibrant living room decor and a soothing bedroom ambiance. Whether it is contemporary interior styles or traditional designs, feel free to mix and match depending on your idea of a dream abode.

5. Choose the Right Positioning and Exposure

The house's physical layout and positioning are interrelated aspects you must consider while framing the house plan. Some of the essential aspects you need to keep in mind while planning the positioning and exposure of the house are the plot pattern, square foot area, and climate of the place. It will help you decide on the positioning of the rooms. For example, you would like to position your living room on a side that receives ample light for most of the day or plan interiors that ensure proper ventilation. Or you may want to avoid sunlight while enjoying adequate ventilation. From ensuring a good surrounding picturesque view to planning your perfect balcony design, the right positioning is vital.

6. Keep a Tap on the Budget and Finances

Planning the right budget is a significant impediment to turning your dream house into reality. Making a house plan that demands more than you can afford will not be a good idea. To keep your finances in place, planning the house per your budget will help you avoid last-minute stress and hassle. Firstly, lay aside a part of the amount on non-negotiable aspects of the house plan. Try to follow the minimalist nice-to-have category for the negotiable aspects that can be adjusted with the remaining budget amount. For example, fancy bathroom tiles or luxurious accent pieces on walls. You can save a lot by trying out DIY home decor interiors.
If you are not financially prepared to mortgage or pay a heavy downpayment, you can opt for rent to own homes. Acquiring homeownership is a hassle-free process without having to place all your savings in one go.

7. Get Expert Advice from Professionals

Though you may want to plan every minute detail of your dream house all by yourself, it isn't easy to ensure perfection about everything from start to end. You will need professional help to help you transform your dream into reality. You'll have to hire architects, construction companies, and interior designers for the final paperwork. Make sure you look out for reputed professionals who provide quality services. Feel free to ask questions and believe in the making process. Do not hesitate to ensure things go as per your requirements to build your dream abode.


Building your dream house from scratch can appear daunting, but the results will make you believe that the hard work is worth it. You can follow the secrets and tips mentioned above to make this long journey smooth and easy. From choosing the right interiors to planning to keep your finances in place, the right action plan will make things easier for you. Setting goals is the way to start things going.

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