Single unit Duplex House Design

Duplex house front :

Building Front Elevation
Duplex house Front Elevation

This is the front elevation of the duplex house. Totally 1000 sq ft area of land. The land length is 38 feet and width 29 feet.

View 1000 Sq ft first-floor plan  in AutoCAD 2016 file here Front Elevationn (.dwg file)

First Floor Plan :

This is the single unit and of 1000 sq ft first floor plans of the duplex house. There are two common bedrooms, one master bedroom, one drawing, one kitchen, and dining. It's so good that here three balconies and two bathrooms in a single unit show the floor plan. Front site one balcony, stairs, and one bedroom.  Every bedroom has a balcony on the corner side. The front side of the first-floor plan has a common bedroom with a balcony and stair room with an entry gate.

1000 Sq ft first-floor plans of house
1000 Sq ft first-floor plans of the house 

This floor plan stair landing width is 4 feet and the stair room length is 17 feet. The front side first balcony width also 4 feet and length 10.5 feet. The first common bedroom length 12 feet 6 inches and width 11 feet 4 inches. Then drawing-room length 10 feet 6 inches and width 9 feet. The total area of the drawing-room is  95 sq ft. The first common bedroom area 140 sq ft. Then the kitchen room area 45 sq ft. and width 6 feet and length 7 feet 10 inches. The dining room length 12 feet and width 9 feet 6 inches. The total area of the dining room is 115 square feet. Then this plan master bedroom has one attached bathroom and one attached balcony. The master bedroom length is 12 feet and the width is 11 feet 4 inches in the plan. The master bedroom attached bathroom width 4 feet and length is 7 feet in plan. And attached balcony width 4 feet and length also 4 feet.

1000 sq ft floor plan
1000 sq ft floor plan

You can view 1000 Sq ft first-floor plan in AutoCAD 2016 file here First-floor plan (.dwg file)

This floor plan also has a common bathroom, and it's the area is  28 sq ft the same as an attached bathroom. Then the second common bedroom length 12 feet and width 10 feet in the floor plan. It's has a cupboard and an attached balcony. balcony width is 3 feet and the length is 6 feet show the first-floor plan.

Duplex House Designs
Duplex House Designs

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Duplex House Designs

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