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House Plan of 65 x 45 feet

The floor plan appears to be for a four-unit residential building with two units on each side. While the text mentions 4 units, the labels only indicate Unit A and Unit B. Unit A and Unit B appear to be mirrored versions of each other.  The total length of the building is 65 feet, and the width is 45 feet.

Here’s a breakdown of the rooms in each unit (Unit A and Unit B):

Living cum Dining: This is an open-concept living and dining area. Unit A has a larger living cum dining area measuring 20’0” x 9’0” while Unit B’s measures 13’7” x 15’5”.

Kitchen: The kitchens in both units appear to be identical and measure 9’2” x 5’0”.

Bedrooms: Each unit has two bedrooms with identical dimensions which are 11’0” x 10’0”.

Bathrooms: The bathrooms in each unit also appear to be identical and measure either 4’0” x 6’7” or 9’2” x 4’0”.

Toilet: There is a separate toilet room measuring 4’0” x 5’0” in each unit.

Total Usable Area

While the total area of the building is 2925 square feet (65 feet x 45 feet),  the total usable area  is not  indicated in the floor plan. This is because the usable area excludes  common areas such as hallways, stairwells, and mechanical rooms. It would be difficult to determine the total usable area  without  additional information about the  common areas.

Common Areas

The floor plan includes labels for  “Lift” and “Lobby”. However,  the size and  location of these features are not  clear based on the image you sent.  Since the building has four units, it’s likely that the lift  and lobby are located  on one side of the building to provide access to the units.

Other Features

The floor plan also includes labels for  “M. BED” and “CH. BED”. M. Bed likely refers to the master bedroom,  and CH. Bed likely refers to the child’s bedroom. However, there is no way to determine which bedrooms are designated as master or child’s bedrooms from the floor plan itself.

Additional Notes:

>> House Plan of 65x45 PDF

The floor plan appears to show dimensions for some of the walls but not all of them.

It is difficult to determine the exact layout of the toilets and the smaller bathrooms based on the image.

Overall, the floor plan appears to show a functional layout for a four-unit residential building. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom units  could be suitable for small families or young professionals.  However, without more information about the common areas and the total usable area, it is difficult to fully assess the functionality of the plan.

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