Idea to Build a House on a Small Plot

In this blog by Sky Marketing, we are going to see an interesting alternative for the construction of a house when a small piece of land is available. We will analyze the floor plans as well as the volumetry and construction finishes of the facade.

Left plan of the first floor, center second level, and right roof terrace

Left plan of the first floor, center second level, and right roof terrace (click on the plan to enlarge it)

The land measures 5.80 meters wide by 10.80 meters long, making a total of 62.64 square meters. It is possible to adjust the measurements to a land of approximately 5.00 x 10.00 meters.

The first floor is social; it has been designed in a single and illuminated environment, the living room - dining room, and kitchen with an island next to the guest bathroom. The open space in the area of ​​the stairs stands out, which has a horizontal span of 1.5 meters wide, the width of the stairs being 1.1 meters; this allows another point of natural light to enter from the roof.

The kitchen is in the shape of a «U» which allows containing the space making it more efficient functionally. As an alternative, the kitchen room can be divided by a wall; in this case, the kitchen would be illuminated by the rear window.

The second floor has three bedrooms and a bathroom; two rooms are oriented towards the main façade and the third towards the rear.

The laundry room and utility room have been designed on the roof, with a space in the front that can be used as a terrace.

It is important that a skylight is placed on the roof that covers the space of the stairs; this allows natural light to enter and, at the same time, protects it from natural agents such as rain.

Facade Design:

Main facade of the house

Main facade of the house

The front side is simple and modern. Square stone tile in shades of gray has been used to frame the window on the first floor along with the main door, reaching the planter, combined with exposed concrete with a rough texture that runs from the window on the first floor to the center of the second level.

On the second floor, the windows are framed by a rectangular element with relief that, apart from contributing to the aesthetics of the house, helps to control the incidence of the sun in the rooms.

Side perspective

Side perspective

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