SketchUp elevation models free download | 40x38 Home Designs

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40 feet length and 38 feet weight 2D floor plan and 3D elevation models draw in SketchUp. Here you can free download this AutoCAD floor plan and 3D SketchUp files.

SketchUp Elevation Models:

3D Elevation Designs in Sketchup, sketchup elevation models free download, house design with free autocad floor plan 3d
Home Elevation models - 01

3D Elevation Designs in Sketchup, sketchup elevation models free download
Home Elevation models - 02

This 3D designs draw in SketchUp 3d design software .  Download this 3d design sketchup file here: Home design SketchUp file

For make 3D designs contact with me Engr. Nazmul Huda

Many of our home designs under 1500 square feet typically have a large porch or patio built into the design. This extends the living room outdoors, without adding square footage to the home. 
Lastly, these designs often have the same modern conveniences that homeowners want in a newly built home, like master closets and two or more bathrooms, but on a smaller scale. 

If you find a ready-made farmhouse plan that you love, but want to make a few minor changes, like repositioning a smaller room or resizing the garage, that's possible. 

Family Home Plans design staff can help you modify your plans to suit your preferences. If the changes you want to make are non-structural and only have to do with things like material substitutions, you can purchase a set of drawings as is and then simply mark the changes on the drawings. 

Family Home Plans cottage plans include all the information your builder will need to make your vision come true.

40x30 AutoCAD house plans:

40x30 house plans, 40x30 Autocad floor plan
AutoCAD floor Plan

Floor Plan Details:

At just over 1,500 square feet, you'll get three-quarters of enormous living space and complimentary amenities in this thoughtfully designed ranch home. 

The craftsman's data give the house thousands of interesting curbs that make it easy for it to blend in well in a neighborhood.

 The kitchen opens onto the dining room and the sizeable bedrooms and has direct access to the laundry room from the parking lot. 

Two bedrooms distribute the bathroom from the living room are located to your left when you enter, while the main suite is in the other radical of the house for maximum privacy for mother and father. 

Download this floor plan in  AutoCAD dwg file here: 40x38 floor plan

40x38 Layout Plan
40x38 Layout Plan

Layout Details: 

  • Number of common bedroom: 2, size: 12x13
  • Master bedroom size: 12x14
  • Kitchen size: 6x5
  • Guest room size: 12x12
  • Available dining space.  

Thank you for view this elevation designs and plans. If any problem or  modify anywhere, comment fast. 


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