Duplex House plans and Designs with free AutoCAD file

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Duplex House Designs
Duplex House Designs
Here I am sharing duplex house designs with plans. I am also sharing the AutoCAD dwg file.

Duplex House Designs:

duplex house designs
Site Elevation

duplex house designs
Side Elevation
duplex house designs
Front Elevation

Duplex House Plans:

duplex house plans
Ground Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan Details:

  • 450 sq ft one parking area.
  • 120 sq ft one bedroom.
  • 30 sq ft bathroom.
  • 60 sq ft one kitchen.
  • 80 sq ft dining space.
  • 150 sq ft drawing-room.
  • 125 sq ft living room.
duplex house plans
Top Floor Plan

Top Floor Plan Details:

  • Bedroom 01 - 120 sq ft.
  • Bedroom 02 - 110 sq ft.
  • Bedroom 03 - 150 sq ft.
  • 30 sq ft two bathrooms.
AutoCAD dwg File: Duplex House plans and Designs. Thank you. Stay with us and learn more. 

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