45 X 25 Building Floor Plan with Columns and Section

Building Front Elevation
Building Front Elevation

Here I am share that 45 X 25 feet building floor plan with column lay-out and slab reinforcement details also.

Building Proposed Area
Building Proposed Area

45 X 25 Building Floor Plan:

Building Floor Plan
Building Floor Plan

Plan Details:

  • This is the single unit floor plan.
  • Here one master bedroom and one common bedroom.
  • There are big drawing and dining space in middle.
  • This floor has one kitchen and two bathroom also.
  • One attached and one common bathroom.

Master Bedroom length 12 feet 3 inch and width 12 feet 0 inch
Attached  Bath room dimensions 5'-0" X 6'-0"
Common Bedroom area 13'-0" X 12'-0"
Drawing and Dining area 19'-0" X 12'-9"
Kitchen Length 7 feet 5 inch and width 6 feet 0 inch
Common Bathroom dimensions  4'-10" X 6'-0"

Building Section A-A: 

Building Section
Building Section

Column Lay-Out Plan:

Column layout Plan
Here two type column total eleven column in this column layout.


Slab Reinforcement Details:

Slab Reinforcement
Slab Reinforcement Details


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