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Queen's Plaza:

Queen's Plaza
Queen's Plaza

Ground Floor Plan:

queen's plaza ground floor plan
Ground floor plan of Queen's Plaza
  • The ground floor plan has four shops and one office area.
  • Queen's Plaza Shop no 01 area 548. 25 sq ft.
  • Queen's Plaza Shop no 02 area 817. 00 sq ft.
  • Queen's Plaza Shop no 03 area 542. 00 sq ft.
  • Queen's Plaza Shop no 04 area 535. 00 sq ft.
  • Ground floor office area 663. 00 sq ft.

First Floor Plan:

First floor plan of Queen's plaza
First-floor plan of Queen's Plaza

  • Queen's Plaza's first-floor plan has two office spaces.
  • The total floor area of Queen's Plaza is 3200 sq ft.
  • First floor total office area 3136. 50 sq ft.
  • First office space area 1370. 62 sq ft.
  • Second office space area 1765. 87 sq ft.
The second-floor plan is the same as the ground floor. There are five shops and two office area on the second floor in Queen's Plaza. Total 3 story market "Queen's Plaza" in Domar, Nilphamari. Queen's plazas designer consultant is Kortowa House Builders and Kortowa house builders stay at Debiganj, Panchagarh. Kortowa house builders best for house plans and designs.

Queen's Plaza
Queen's Plaza

Primary Estimate of Queen's Plaza:

  • Foundation cost of queen's plaza without piling BDT 22, 50, 000. 00 take.
  • Ground floor cost of queen's plaza BDT 35, 10, 000. 00 take.
  • First-floor cost of queen's plaza BDT 32, 50, 000. 00 take.
  • Second-floor cost of queen's plaza BDT 33, 75, 000. 00 take.
The total cost of  Queen's Plaza One core and twenty-four thousand BDT only.

Queen's Plaza
Queen's Plaza
View in Autocad file here Queen's Plaza (.dwg file)

Also, view 4800 Sq FT Commercial Building Floor Plan  with autocad file free.

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