3 Storey Commercial Building Floor Plan | 80 x 60

Here is the floor plan of four units at 4800 sq ft dimension( 80 X 60 ) commercial building. Every unit has a standard size bedroom, dining, kitchen, and drawing-room. Two units stay at the front side and two units stay at the backside on this commercial building floor plan.

First Floor Plan :

4800 sq ft first floor plan
4800 sq commercial building floor plan

Unit-I is staying at the south-east corner on this floor plan. Unit-I has two master bedrooms, one kitchen, one dining, one drawing, and three bathrooms, two attached and one common bathroom. Two master bedroom is the same size. The length of the master bedroom is 11 feet and width 11 feet. Square size master bedroom. M.bedroom balcony width 3 feet. And attached bathroom length 6 feet, width 4 feet. Common bathroom length 6 feet and width 4 feet. Drawing room length 10 feet 11 inches. Kitchen length 8 feet and width 5 feet 6 inches. The kitchen has only one big window but no balcony.

Ground floor plan
Ground floor plan

Unit-II is staying on the front side of the first-floor plan. Here also two master bedrooms, one drawing, one kitchen, one dining, and three bathrooms. Unit-II master bedroom and attached bathroom and balconies area are some to Unit-I. Dining length 14 feet 9.5 inches and width 10 feet 11 inches. The kitchen, drawing, and common bathroom are the same as Unit-I.

Unit-III is staying at the south-wast corner. Here plan in one master bedroom, one common bedroom, one kitchen, and one dining, and one drawing on this floor plan. The drawing room area is 121 square feet. The dining room area is 155 square feet. M.bedroom area 121 square feet. Common bedroom area 121 square. The master bedroom balcony area 18 square feet and attached bathroom area 24 square feet in this first-floor plan. The common bedroom attached balcony and bathroom areas are 17 sq ft and 32 sq ft. The kitchen area is 45 square feet.

Unit-IV plan as the same as unit-III.

You can view in Autocad file here 4800sq ft floor plan (.dwg file)

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