4 Storey Residential Building

First Floor Plan :

1900 Sq ft first floor plan
1900 Sq-ft first-floor plan

1900 Sq-ft || 2 Unit || 2 Bedroom || 4 Storey

Plan Details :

  • This is the first-floor plan at 1900 sq ft of modern house planning and design.
  • 1900 sq ft first-floor plan of two units and two-unit plans are the same.
  • Every unit has one master bedroom, one common bedroom, one living room, one kitchen and a dining room.
  • Every bedroom has one balcony, windows and attaches bathroom.
  • The master bedroom area 120 sq ft, it has one balcony, one balcony, one attached bathroom.
  • Master bedroom balcony area 25 sq ft.
  • Master bedroom window width five feet and height 4.5 ft.
  • Master bedroom attach bathroom area 27.5 sq ft.
  • The common bedroom has two windows and one balcony.
  • Common bedroom area 105 square feet.
  • Common bedroom first window width 4.5 feet and second window width five feet and the height of every window 4.5 feet.
  • Common bedroom balcony area 45 sq ft, 3 feet width balcony.
  • Common bathroom area 29.20 sq ft.
  • Living room area 130.5 square feet and it has one sliding window.
  • Living room sliding window width 9.5 feet and height 4.5 feet.
  • The dining room area 67.5 square feet and it stay nearby kitchen.
  • The dining room has 3.5 feet width balcony and it also attaches to the kitchen.
  • Dining room balcony area 26.25 square feet.
  • Kitchen room area 51.50 square feet.
  • The total floor area of this floor plan 850 square feet as per unit.
1900 Sq ft first floor plan with measurement
1900 Sqft first-floor plan with measurement
You can also view in Autocad file here First-floor plan (.dwg file)

Primary Estimate :

  • Foundation cost without piling BDT 14,15,000 TK.
  • Ground floor cost BDT 20,00000 TK.
  • First Floor cost BDT 23,00000 TK.
  • The second floor cost BDT 23,00000 TK.
  • Roof Floor Plan cost BDT 24,00000 TK.

Total Cost of 1900 sq ft 4 Storey Building BDT ONE CORE ONLY.

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