AutoCAD 2D Blocks

AutoCAD 2D Blocks - Free Download

Block is one of the benefits of drawing with AutoCAD is that it simplifies duplicating objects. Although we can use commands such as Copy or Matrix, the topic of blocks will save a lot of effort, since a block is a drawing that we can use over and over again in our drawing.

Two types of block creation in AutoCAD software, single 2D block, and 3D block. Here I am uploading various types of 2d blocks. Download those blocks in free.

1. Landscape Architecture Cad Blocks

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Landscape Architecture Cad Blocks
Download Link Cadblock1

2. AutoCAD 2D Blocks of Human Figure

AutoCAD 2D Blocks Human Figure, AutoCAD 2D Blocks Free Download
AutoCAD 2D Blocks Human Figure
Download link Cadblock2

3. Transportation Cad Blocks - Bus Parking

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Transportation cad blocks
Download link Cadblock3

4. Railway Station and Platform Cad Blocks - Metro Rail

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Railway Station and Platform Cad Blocks
Download link Cadblock4

5. Architectural 2D Designs Blocks

Architectural 2D Designs Blocks
Architectural 2D Designs Blocks

The next day, I will upload here the Architectural Interior and Exterior Designs Blocks. So if you like those blocks share your friends and stay with us.

How to Insert a block in AutoCAD

1. Press the Insert Block button or press the button

2. Accept the name that AutoCAD offers you.

3. Observe that the block will be inserted from the point that we previously defined. Click anywhere on the screen.

4. Now go to the menu Insert - External reference and choose any file that you have saved on the disk.

With this option, we can insert objects saved on disk. In this way, we can draw a small object, save it and insert it when we are interested.

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