A Comprehensive Guide to Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Parts & Spares

A Comprehensive Guide to Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Parts & Spares

Understanding the parts and spares of your Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 heating system is essential for maintaining its efficiency and reliability. Here's a detailed guide on what each part does:

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Boiler Dry Firing Safety Thermostat GT186

This safety thermostat prevents the boiler from operating without water, protecting the system from overheating and potential damage.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Boiler Overheat Thermostat GT188

This thermostat shuts down the boiler if it detects an unsafe temperature, preventing overheating and ensuring safety.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Exhaust Gas Seal GT191

The exhaust gas seal prevents leaks in the exhaust system, ensuring efficient and safe operation by containing potentially harmful gases.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Expansion Relief Valve GT195

This valve releases excess pressure from the system, protecting the boiler and pipework from damage due to overpressure.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 High Temperature Ducting GT227

This ducting handles high-temperature exhaust gases, directing them safely out of the system.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Switch Control PCB GT232

The Switch Control PCB manages the electrical operations of the boiler, ensuring coordinated control of various components.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Burner Gasket GT238

The burner gasket provides a seal between the burner and the boiler, preventing leaks and ensuring efficient combustion.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Spark Electrode GT243

The spark electrode ignites the fuel within the boiler, initiating the heating process.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Flame Sensing Electrode GT246

This electrode detects the presence of a flame, ensuring safe and reliable operation by confirming successful ignition.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Sight Glass Gasket GT247

The sight glass gasket seals the sight glass, preventing leaks and allowing safe visual inspection of the boiler's interior.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Sight Glass GT248

The sight glass provides a window to monitor the flame and internal conditions of the boiler.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Sight Glass Holder GT249

The sight glass holder secures the sight glass in place, ensuring it remains stable and functional.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 O Ring 126 x 6mm GT250

This O ring provides a watertight seal in various parts of the boiler, preventing leaks and maintaining pressure.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Sampling Point Nut GT291

The sampling point nut allows for the secure attachment of tools used to sample water or gas from the system for testing.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Grundfos 15/50 Pump XB004 (Replacement Pump) XB1016

This pump circulates water within the boiler system, maintaining optimal flow and efficient heating.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Mechanical Clock XB215

The mechanical clock controls the timing of the boiler's operation, allowing for scheduled heating periods.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Digital Clock XB216

This digital clock provides precise control over the boiler's operating schedule, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Switch Overheat Thermostat XB347

The overheat thermostat switches off the boiler if it exceeds safe operating temperatures, preventing overheating.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Plastic F + E Tank XB343

The Feed and Expansion (F + E) tank maintains water levels and pressure within the system, accommodating expansion and contraction.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 AC30 Fuse Base XB363

This fuse base holds the AC30 fuse, protecting electrical components from overcurrent.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 25 Amp Fuse XB364

The 25 Amp fuse safeguards high-power components, preventing damage from electrical surges.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 5 Amp Fuse XB382

The 5 Amp fuse provides protection for lower-power components, ensuring safe operation.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 CA Backflow Prevention Valve XB390

This valve prevents the backflow of water, protecting the potable water supply from contamination.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Pressure Reducing Valve XB391

The pressure reducing valve maintains a safe and consistent pressure within the system, preventing overpressure.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 90 Degree Angle Ballvalve XB398

This ball valve controls the flow of water at a 90-degree angle, allowing for precise shutoff and control.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Ballvalve FT207

The ball valve FT207 controls water flow within the system, enabling isolation for maintenance.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Filling Loop XG004/5/6 (XG118)

The filling loop allows for the manual filling of the boiler system with water, ensuring proper pressure levels.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Relay Base XB147

The relay base holds relays in place, facilitating control of electrical circuits within the boiler.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Y Strainer XB314

The Y strainer filters out debris from the water, protecting the boiler's components from blockages and damage.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 22mm Pump Valve XB121

This valve controls the flow of water through the pump, enabling maintenance and efficient operation.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Ball Float FT429

The ball float regulates water levels within the F + E tank, maintaining consistent pressure and operation.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Brass Housing Superseded By GT045 (GT049)

The brass housing provides a durable and secure enclosure for various boiler components.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 DHW Sensor GT153

The Domestic Hot Water (DHW) sensor monitors the temperature of the hot water, ensuring it meets user requirements.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Relay XB146

The relay controls the operation of various electrical circuits within the boiler, ensuring coordinated functionality.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Single Check Valve Superseded By GT045 (GT048)

The check valve prevents backflow, ensuring one-way flow of water within the system.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Switch Heating Element XB342

This heating element switch controls the activation of the boiler's heating element, enabling efficient heat generation.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Tundish XB392

The tundish provides a visible inspection point for water discharge, ensuring safe and monitored flow.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Electrode Gasket GT242

The electrode gasket ensures a tight seal around the electrode, preventing leaks and ensuring efficient ignition.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Ignition Lead GT172

The ignition lead carries the electrical current to the spark electrode, initiating the ignition process.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Drain Cock GS028

The drain cock allows for the drainage of water from the boiler system, facilitating maintenance and cleaning.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Flue Gas Outlet Duct GT173

The flue gas outlet duct safely directs exhaust gases out of the boiler, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Sampling Point Nut Washer GT292

The sampling point nut washer ensures a tight seal at the sampling point, preventing leaks during testing.

This guide should help you understand the various parts and spares for the Gledhill Gulfstream 2000, ensuring you can maintain and operate your system effectively. For installation or maintenance, always consult a qualified technician. For high-quality parts and spares, visit the Gledhill Gulfstream 2000 Parts & Spares website.


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