3600 Square Feet (50x72) House plan with 7 storey Apartment building Structural design | DWG & PDF

3600 Square Feet House plan with 7 storey Apartment building Structural design  DWG & PDF
7 storey Apartment building Structural design
A 3600 square feet area can be an ideal space for an apartment building, especially when it's designed with two units and seven floors. The structural design of such a building is crucial, as it plays a significant role in the safety, stability, and durability of the structure.

When designing a seven-floor apartment building, the first consideration is to ensure that the foundation is strong enough to support the weight of the building. The foundation should be designed to withstand the load of the building, including the weight of the structure, furniture, and occupants.

The next step is to design the framework of the building. This involves the use of steel or reinforced concrete to create columns and beams that can support the weight of the floors above. The beams should be designed to transfer the load from the floors to the columns, which will distribute the load to the foundation.

The design of the walls is also critical. They must be strong enough to resist lateral loads, such as wind and earthquakes. The thickness of the walls should be carefully determined, based on the expected loads and the type of materials used.

The floor system is also an essential aspect of the structural design. The floors should be designed to support the weight of the occupants and their belongings. The thickness and strength of the floors will depend on the type of materials used, such as concrete or steel.

When designing a multi-story apartment building, it is also essential to consider the elevators and staircases. The elevators must be designed to handle the expected traffic flow, and the staircases must be wide enough to allow occupants to evacuate quickly in case of an emergency.

3600 Square Feet 50x72 House plan - Ground Floor Plan
Ground Floor Plan

A 3600 square feet house plan with a 50x72 lot size provides ample space for a spacious and comfortable home. The design can accommodate a variety of styles and layouts, depending on your preferences and needs.

A seven-story apartment building design is a more complex project that requires careful planning and attention to detail. The structural design should be created by a licensed engineer who can ensure that the building is safe, durable, and meets all applicable building codes and regulations.

3600 Square Feet 50x72 House plan - Typical Floor Plan
Typical Floor Plan

DWG and PDF files are common file formats used for architectural and engineering drawings. These files can be shared between designers, engineers, and contractors, and can be used to create accurate construction plans and cost estimates.

When selecting a house plan or building design, it is important to consider factors such as the number of rooms, the size of the rooms, the layout, and the overall style. It is also important to ensure that the design meets local building codes and regulations, and that it can be constructed within your budget and timeframe.

3600 square floor plan - Elevation Design
Elevation Design

If you're looking to build a large-scale apartment building that includes two units and seven floors, you'll need a comprehensive house plan that takes into account your specific requirements. Here's an overview of a house plan for a 3600 square feet area with two units and a seven-floor apartment building:

1.      Floor Plan: The first thing to consider is the floor plan, which will outline the layout of the entire building. The first floor should be dedicated to amenities like a lobby, gym, laundry room, and parking garage. The remaining six floors should each have two separate units, each with a living room, kitchen, dining area, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

2.      Exterior Design: The exterior design of the building should be visually appealing while also functional. Choose a style that suits your preferences and the location of the building. Incorporate balconies or terraces into each unit for outdoor living space.

3.      Interior Design: The interior design of each unit should be practical, modern, and comfortable. Use materials that are easy to maintain, and incorporate plenty of natural light into each space. Consider using open-plan designs to maximize the available space.

4.      Plumbing and Electrical: A building of this size will require careful planning of the plumbing and electrical systems. Each unit should have its own HVAC system, and you'll need to install a central water heater and water filtration system. Plan the electrical wiring and lighting fixtures to provide ample illumination throughout the building.

5.      Safety and Security: Safety and security should be a top priority when planning an apartment building. Install fire alarms, sprinklers, and smoke detectors throughout the building. Consider installing security cameras and an intercom system to control access to the building.

6.      Sustainability: Incorporating sustainable features into the building design will help reduce energy costs and minimize the building's impact on the environment. Consider installing solar panels, using energy-efficient appliances, and using sustainable building materials.

Creating a house plan for a 3600 square feet area with two units and a seven-floor apartment building can be a complex process, but with careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a functional and comfortable living space for your tenants.

3600 Square Feet 50x72 House plan with 7 storey Apartment building Structural design DWG & PDF
3600 Square Feet 50x72 House plan with 7 storey Apartment building Structural desing DWG & PDF

7 storey Apartment building Structural design: 

Designing a 7-storey apartment building requires careful consideration of various structural elements to ensure the safety and stability of the building. Here are some important details to consider:Foundation: The foundation is the base of any building and should be designed to distribute the weight of the building evenly to the ground. The type of foundation will depend on the soil condition and the load-bearing capacity of the ground.

Framing: The framing of the building is the skeleton that holds it together. It can be made of wood, steel, or concrete, depending on the design and the local building codes.

Floor system: The floor system includes the joists, beams, and decking that make up each floor of the building. The type of floor system will depend on the desired strength and rigidity, as well as the architectural design.

Wall system: The wall system includes the exterior and interior walls that divide the building into different spaces. The type of wall system will depend on the desired level of insulation, soundproofing, and fire resistance.

Roof system: The roof system includes the framing, decking, and roofing materials that protect the building from the elements. The type of roof system will depend on the local climate and the desired aesthetic.

Lateral bracing: Lateral bracing refers to the system of braces and shear walls that resist the lateral forces caused by wind and earthquakes. The location and strength of the lateral bracing will depend on the local building codes and the seismic zone.

Fire protection: The building should be designed to meet the local fire codes, which may include fire-rated walls, doors, and windows, as well as sprinkler systems and other fire suppression measures.

7 storey Apartment building Structural design
7 storey Apartment building Structural design
These are just a few of the important details that need to be considered when designing a 7-storey apartment building. It's important to work with a qualified structural engineer and architect to ensure that all the necessary elements are included and the building is safe and stable.

Download PDF: 3600 Square Feet 50x72 House Plan

Download Autocad DWG File: 7 storey Apartment building Structural design

In conclusion, designing a 3600 square feet area apartment building with two units and seven floors requires careful consideration of the structural design. A strong foundation, sturdy framework, robust walls, and durable floor system are all critical components of the design. The elevators and staircases must also be carefully designed to ensure the safety and convenience of the occupants.


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  3. A house plan spanning 3600 square feet with a dimension of 50x72 is quite spacious and offers ample room for a family to comfortably reside in. Additionally, the accompanying 7 storey apartment building structural design could potentially offer many more living spaces for tenants, making it a worthwhile investment. However, the feasibility of such a project would largely depend on the location and zoning regulations in the area. It is recommended to consult with a qualified architect or engineer to ensure the design is both structurally sound and compliant with local building codes.

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