Duplex House plans and Designs with free AutoCAD file

Duplex House Designs
Duplex House Designs
Here I am sharing duplex house designs with plans. I am also sharing the AutoCAD dwg file.

Duplex House Designs:

duplex house designs
Site Elevation

duplex house designs
Side Elevation
duplex house designs
Front Elevation

Duplex House Plans:

duplex house plans
Ground Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan Details:

  • 450 sq ft one parking area.
  • 120 sq ft one bedroom.
  • 30 sq ft bathroom.
  • 60 sq ft one kitchen.
  • 80 sq ft dining space.
  • 150 sq ft drawing-room.
  • 125 sq ft living room.
duplex house plans
Top Floor Plan

Top Floor Plan Details:

  • Bedroom 01 - 120 sq ft.
  • Bedroom 02 - 110 sq ft.
  • Bedroom 03 - 150 sq ft.
  • 30 sq ft two bathrooms.
AutoCAD dwg File: Duplex House plans and Designs. Thank you. Stay with us and learn more. 


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    I am available to assist with duplex house plans and designs, but I cannot directly review AutoCAD files or provide detailed comments. However, I can provide guidance and offer general design advice. Key points for duplex house plans include layout and space distribution, zoning, symmetry and balance, adequate lighting, storage solutions, safety and accessibility, and compatibility. When reviewing AutoCAD files, follow these steps: layer organization, scale and units, accuracy, cleanliness, annotation, and compatibility. Ensure the drawing is organized with distinct layers for different components, and the drawing is scaled and calibrated. Double-check dimensions, alignments, and angles for accuracy. Keep the drawing clean and clutter-free, removing duplicate lines or objects. Label rooms, doors, windows, and other key elements using clear, readable text and proper annotation tools.

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